Monday, 28 January 2008

What's in a name?

I'm regularly asked what Anusha means (and the fact that three people have asked me that question in the past week has spurred me to post about it!).

Anusha is the name of a star in Hindu astronomy and also means 'the first rays of light at dawn’ or ‘beautiful morning'. Which fits rather neatly with our aim - to bring you gorgeous clothes, accessories, jewellery and gifts that make you look and feel beautiful!

Friday, 25 January 2008

The Italian job

Jamie's place

This afternoon I walked past the site of Jamie Oliver's much-publicised first, 'neighbourhood' restaurant, Jamie's Italian. Due to open at Milsom Place in Bath this summer, its menu will include affordable pasta, home-baked breads, antipasti, salads and Italian puds. Cambridge and Brighton are next in line to get a Jamie's Italian, and within a few years the cheeky chappie intends to open up to 40 restaurants across the country.

I must admit, I'm looking forward to a glass of wine and a bowl of pasta on the roof-top terrace in the summer...

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Going, going, gone…

This Saturday, Mr Anusha and I are getting up early to go to our first auction. We're trying our luck at a local antiques and collectables sale, which is held twice a month in a warehouse a few miles outside Bath, and seems to feature plenty of reasonably priced antiques, plus house-clearance furniture, prints and ceramics.

Having browsed the online catalogue, set our budget and swatted up on saleroom etiquette, we're after some bargain Victorian chairs (although, in the heat of the moment, I'll probably convince myself that I'll be able to find a home for this rather fetching vintage shop till – estimated at a purse-busting £200-£300...).

vintage till

Monday, 14 January 2008

Photo to-do list

January is turning out to be yet another busy month at Anusha, which is taking my mind off this unrelentingly miserable weather! Today I'm focusing on next month's photo shoot for our gorgeous spring and summer collections (I'm very excited - you're going to love what we've got in store!). Planning is essential for a fashion shoot to run smoothly, so my typical to-do list comprises:

Ensuring Anusha's regular photographer is available.
Casting models.
Booking hair and make-up artists.
Choosing a photo location.
Making sure designers' samples haven't been promised to other clients/the press on our preferred days.
Carefully working out each day's shoot list, so that we make the best use of the time once we're on location.
Sourcing props and accessories to use in the photos.
Sorting lunch arrangements for the shoot.

This may seem simple in theory, but with so many elements/people to coordinate (and with no control over the weather!), it's always a relief when everything comes together on the day.

Friday, 11 January 2008

Further reductions!


Suffering from the January blues? Fear not! To cheer you up there are further reductions on clothes in the Anusha winter sale, which means it's a great time to shop for big savings. Don't forget that it's first come, first served, so get those fingers clicking now...

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Buying time

Having only just got my breath back after the Christmas period, it's time to adjust to 2008 and focus on putting the finishing touches to Anusha's spring and summer collections.

This weekend I'm off to Top Drawer - the first major trade show of the year and the first one I ever visited, more than a decade ago, when I worked as a jewellery buyer for a shop in Bath.

Although it's an unsociably early start for a Sunday (and tough on the feet!), the exhibition provides an opportunity to view a huge selection of fashion, accessories, jewellery and gifts. It also enables me to catch up with some of the lovely designers we currently stock at Anusha, meet potential new suppliers, and get inspiration for this year's collection - all in one day!

Friday, 4 January 2008

Jo Wood Organics

Jo Wood

One of my favourite things at the moment is Jo Wood's range of organic bath and body oils, lotions and perfumes.

I'm addicted to the Amka body dew, which is a gorgeous fragrance containing Iranian rose otto, Egyptian jasmine, neroli, bergamot, green mandarin, sweet orange and spicy cedarwood. According to Jo's website, Amka is designed to lift spirits and revive senses - sounds just the ticket at this dreary time of year!