Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Spring is on its way... almost


We've had a few lovely, sunny days recently, and it feels like spring is almost here (I've even noticed some daffodils in our neighbour's front garden!).

And Anusha's spring collection is also on its way. Please bear with us - due to unforeseen circumstances, things have been delayed for a week or so.

But I can assure you that it'll be worth the wait - we've got an array of gorgeous tops, dresses and tunics; fabulous beaded/sequin sandals; cool eel-skin clutches and purses; sparkling costume jewellery; and irresistible gifts galore!

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Friday, 22 February 2008

Are women human?

The Bookseller magazine has just announced the shortlist for the Diagram Prize for Oddest Book Title of the Year. The six-strong shortlist is open to the public, so go to to read more about the books and to register your vote - you can choose from the following:

I Was Tortured By the Pygmy Love Queen, by Jasper McCutcheon
How to Write a How to Write Book, by Brian Piddock
Are Women Human? And Other International Dialogues, by Catharine A MacKinnon
Cheese Problems Solved, edited by P L H McSweeney
People who Mattered in Southend and Beyond: From King Canute to Dr Feelgood, by Dee Gordon
If You Want Closure in Your Relationship, Start With Your Legs, by Big Boom

Horace Bent of the Bookseller explained the motivation behind the award: "I confess: I have been anxious that as publishing becomes ever more corporate, the trade’s quirky charms are being squeezed out. Lists are pruned, targets are set, authors are culled. But happily my fears have been proved unfounded: oddity lives on."

The winner will be announced on 28th March.

Enjoy the weekend!

**UPDATE: If You Want Closure in Your Relationship, Start With Your Legs was crowned the winner of the Diagram Prize for Oddest Title of the Year, after a record-breaking 8,500 votes online. **

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

The green goddess


Keira Knightley's Atonement dress is being auctioned at Clothes off Our Back, with proceeds going to the Children's Charity of Southern California.

The fabulous green dress was recently voted the most iconic film outfit in a recent poll by Sky Movies and InStyle (the dress seems to be very fresh in people's minds - amazingly, it beat Marilyn Monroe's dress from The Seven Year Itch, Audrey Hepburn's Givenchy gown from Breakfast at Tiffanys and Olivia Newton John's leggings from Grease).

The thirties-style gown was made by costume designer Jacqueline Durran and because the dress was so fragile, multiple copies were made for Keira to wear during filming.

The bidding for this size 2 dress stands at $6,000 this morning, with 18 days left to go before the auction closes.

Happy bidding!

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Seventy Years of Penguin Design


It’s amazing how a bit of sunshine lifts the mood! At lunchtime I took a break from the office and wandered along Pulteney Street (always gorgeous in the sun – the honey-coloured Bath stone really glows in the sunlight), and ended up at the Holbourn Museum of Art. I decided to have a quick look around its Seventy Years of Penguin Design exhibition.

What a lovely surprise! This small but perfectly formed exhibition celebrates seven decades of Penguin book design, and has original artwork with hand-written notes (including versions of the iconic Penguin logo, which went through several redesigns), early proofs, adverts and some of the most famous book covers in publishing history, such as Lady Chatterley’s Lover and A Clockwork Orange. Oh, and a nice touch - the walls of the room are painted in sunny, Penguin book orange!

Running until 24th March, this quirky little exhibition is great if you’re interested in book design, typography and illustration.

There's a bit about Penguin's interesting history here

Friday, 1 February 2008

Heart to Heart

Bath melts

It's that time of year again - Valentine's Day is just around the corner!

Chaps: if you're struggling to find the perfect present for the woman in your life, fear not! You're in safe hands at Anusha. We've got a host of great gifts, from sparkling jewellery and rose-scented aromatherapy bath melts to our ever-popular forfeit cookies and hand-embroidered lingerie bags.

For lots more inspiration, take a look at our men’s gift guide. Our last order date for guaranteed Valentine's Day delivery is Wednesday 13th at 12pm.

Girls: get the Valentine's gift you really want - point your other half in the direction of Anusha!