Friday, 22 May 2009

Time for tea

I love a good cuppa, and Kusmi tea is one of my favourites. Seen here on stylist, Selina Lake's fab blog:

Not that I buy it just because the fuchsia tins look really pretty on my kitchen worktop, of course...

Friday, 15 May 2009

A Girl's Guide To Decorating

I’ve always collected decorating/style books, and since spring I've been devouring them like they're, er, going out of style. Included in the latest batch I've just had through the post, is stylist Abigail Ahern’s much-awaited A Girl's Guide to Decorating - out this week.




The book is filled with practical decorating ideas, and chapters are based on elements of home design, such as colour, texture and light. Abigail encourages you to be (very) brave with colour and pattern and to make a bold statement with your home.

Against a dark background (she’s a big fan of Farrow & Ball’s Down Pipe), she uses splashes of super-satuarated brights and quirky touches to add punch. All very inspiring...

Friday, 8 May 2009

Flutter-sleeve Ts

We pride ourselves on discovering new T-shirts that you won't find on the high street, so as soon as I found these adorable T-shirts by a talented young US designer, I had to have them at Anusha! Far more feminine than your standard fare, our Ts feature flutter sleeves, a gentle scoop-neck and screen-printed botanical design. They're winging there way across the Atlantic as we speak!

The chocolate brown version has a cream design on the front.

brown flutter

And the azure blue version has a silver and black print.

blue flutter
Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Blue skies

I love gardening, but Anusha has been keeping me extremely busy this year, and I haven't had enough spare time to give our back garden the TLC it so desperately needs. When our lovely wisteria was pulled off the back of our house in a heavy gust of wind, I finally had to admit defeat. I called in the help of my garden designer friend, Andy, to sort things out.

It's a small townhouse garden, with a patio outside the back door and a few steps up to an area of grass. I'd spent a lot of time working on it when we moved into the house eight years ago - I'm particularly proud of the stone terraces I built with my father!

Although it wasn't exactly his most challenging project, clever Andy managed to hack his way out of the back door (no mean feat), and restore my garden to its former glory. Now things are looking how I like them again - wild and lush, but all just about contained and easy to look after.

I've fallen in love with our little garden again, and last Sunday I spent a lazy morning enjoying the sun with a cup of tea and the papers. Bliss!

Here are a couple of images from Andy's website, BlueSky Landscapes: