Monday, 18 April 2011

What Will She Wear?

Need some inspiration for your wedding dress? There are over 30 exquisite wedding dresses are on show at the ‘What Will She wear? The enduring romance of the wedding dress’ exhibition at the Fashion Museum in Bath. Many of the dresses are over 100 years old, made from delicate silks with gossamer fine lace and embroidery.

Rosemary Harden, the museum's manager, says:

"What Will She Wear? will include wedding dresses lovingly made of the finest silks brocaded with metal thread, lustrous silk satins, even crisp white nylons; some of the dresses are decorated with ribbons and bows, some with cascades of antique lace and some are just heart-stoppingly beautiful in their pared-down classical elegance. We are aiming to show the richness and variety of the white wedding dress down the ages, as well of course the enduring romance of the traditional style."

The display also includes a selection of sepia photographs, which are part of an archive collection of 1930s wedding dresses by the Paris couture house of Worth.


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