Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Embracing the dark side

Abigail Ahern's blog is top of my daily reads - it's always inspirational. Here's what she says about this blackboard wall via The Selby:

"Recently I converted a pastel lover over to the dark side by painting a wall with blackboard paint. First of all it was only a wall so they didn’t flip out ‘we can paint it back’ they said (which is what I generally hear) – but hey ho they liked it so I if you are dabbling with the idea of converting but don’t know where to start blackboard paint a wall and the doodle away. Fabulous in kitchens, halls, loos, kids rooms, offices on and on I could go. Just to prove my point check out these two images of Olaf Hajek’s pad (artist and illustrator) taken from The Selby – pretty darn cool no?"

I've already painted a cupboard in my kitchen with blackboard paint. After seeing these images I'm tempted to go the whole hog - just not sure my doodles would be as pretty as Olaf's!


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