Friday, 18 July 2014

I'm back!

"Where have you been?" I hear you cry! Well, after a blog break enjoying a bit of time with my gorgeous toddler, Alice, I'm back – just in time to celebrate Anusha's 10th anniversary. TEN YEARS! What an amazing decade. Tears, tantrums, stress, sleepless nights. Oh, and lots of fun, too! (It's true – running a business is like bringing up a baby!)

Last summer, we rejigged Anusha to concentrate on jewellery and accessories. When we launched our collection of bridal earringsnecklaces and bracelets, it proved so popular that we decided to expand the range and add lots of sparkly hair combs, tiaras and pins. You'll see the full collection here.  

Weddings have been a big focus for our family this year, too: here's a snap of me and Alice at my sister's fabulous do in May. I wore a Ghost Sylvia dress, with jewellery from Anusha's new wedding collection, of course!



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